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Acné Treatment



TCA 10% w/w

All TCA are different! Best one to use is of course ours as it is made with

  • pure cristals 
  • pure water made in laboratory
  • without any heavy metals
  • important : it is not buffered ( Buffered TCA lead to pigmentary rebounds as hyperchromies).

Pre Peel

Prepeel cream has to be used by the patient at home.
Usually it has to been applied on the facial skin 7 days before lipoic acid.

In case of oily skin, it has to been use 15 days before applying lipoic acid.

In case of not severe acnes, just PrePeel and Lipoic Acid , even without TCA are enough to get excellent results.

Lipoic Acid

Lipoic Acid is considered normally as the best acid to help for penetration of all other ingredients. In the case of acne, it has to be applied during 2 weeks each day after a pre treatment of pre peel ( 1 to 2 weeks daily).


30 min peel off is a great peel with immediate superficial effect .

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare myself?

Never use :

  • any alcoholic solution to desinfect or clean your skin
  • no tonic
  • and never remove make up with any liquid if you will get a treatment using 30 min peel off

What should I do when I get sick?

wait until you get again healthy

How to buy your products on line?

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Why don t you translate your site in another language?

You may use google translator which is more than enough to get any translation in so many languages.

Who can do the treatments?

Some treatments can be done by :

  • yourself
  • a cosmetician aesthetician
  • a medical doctor 

All depends about the product used and the type of treatment.

What should I not use during the treatment?

  • your own cosmetics
  • tonics
  • alcoholic solutions
  • sunscreens

Are my usual cosmetics used till now bad ?

most of them are not adapted to your skin.

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