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Mechanisms of Action

Bio Energetic Process

We have taken into account the formulation of our creams of the metabolic state of the cell and its signaling relationship with the extracellular matrix.

We aim at concentrations of isolated active ingredients,with compatible precursors that adapt to the binding site of the active substance.

The study and research of increasingly low molecular weight complexes,to increase an ever faster and more dynamic metabolic mechanism.

With the result of a small qualitative molecule with a quantity increasingly high in energy terms,and an energy transport chain reduced to a minimum.

Some manipulations are always necessary to stabilize the mixture.

The thermodynamic process is a disorder with more energy available,energy necessary for bioregenerative tissue reconstruction. Old tissue have a fragmentary reconstruction because they are poor in energy,they are not very orderly,but it’s an organized disorder,they contain epigenetic mutations(they are mutation that accumulate in years and are inherited during the cell replication phase).The reconstruction is approximate in old tissue.The DNA chains have undergone multiple oxidative attacks over time.The cell do not go into apoptosis as a time( apoptosis it’s a programmed death that the body establishes in the event that a cell has suffered damage irreversible)and an energetic stress is necessary to force damaged cells to go in apoptosis.The damaged cell is unstable,the genetic control mechanisms have arrested its possible replication,so that it does not proceed towards mitosis.

All this, before the cell reaches its final state of differentiation,at that point the cell will perish over time,finally.

At this point with aging we have cells with poorly placed structures,approximate,that do not regenerate,comparable to an old electric and damaged circuit,that due to all these damages and informations data losses, that loses and wastes energy.

Mechanisms of Action

 The composition of the creams must be able to influence the basal lamina metabolism,the molecule must cross the way in the epidermal layer of dead cells, that are coming of the final state of differentiation until, where, there are proliferating cell, inside a thin layer that is the basal lamina.

A molecule with a low molecular weight with a high quantity of energy,exploits a kinetic proportionality factor,given by its weight,and his energetic quantity

The result will be a specific diffusion speed influenced to the state of the tissues.

Means that low molecular weight with an high energetic value, is important for to achieve a certain result through the epidermal tissue.

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