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Indications of Each Cream

Sharing our experiences since 1983

Clarté de Lune

anti oxidant,anti aging and bio regenerative.
Main ingredient : melatonin


Since 2014

fast tanning
- Apply it 30 minutes before going to the beach. 
- At beach, apply only papaya cream.

improves skin spots after sun damages

allows the skin to rest in case of sad skin or bagging eyelids at wake up 

Papaya Cream

  • proteolytic and regenerative effect.
  • Papaya cream acts like glycolic acid having the advantages without having the disadvantages.

Since 2014

excellent indication for tired skin
excellent indication for smokers skin and/or skin attacked by pollution
excellent indication for the skin in case of oxidative stress 
Papaya cream will in such case send the cells which have undergone oxidative damage in apoptosis.
Suitable for elderly subjects or prone to premature aging.
After hair body removal helps to prevent too fast bodily hair growth

Ormes des Sioux

  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • best use after sun exposure                                                                                                              

Since 2012

After sauna and after gym
A balanced formula of aromatic elements of the underwood with a particular and fresh not alcoholic fragrance suitable after sauna and after gym.

Apply the night before bedtime helps the epidermal layer to reinforce itself .
In the morning the result is a tonic and crispy skin.

Eye Contour Gel

  • improves thin skin for eyecontour, neck and décolleté
  • improves superficial wrinkles.
  • improves oily skin                                                                                                                             

Since 2000

Mostly indicated for the eye contour.
Results are quick dued to a rapid absorption.
To regulate an oily skin, eye contour gel should be applied with lipoic acid cream.
In such case lipoic acid cream has to be applied at night and eyecontour gel the morning.
It s recommended not to mix eyecontour gel with other treatments on the selected areas where it is applied.
EyeContour Gel is giving a shining effect to the epidermal layer and will improve the superficial wrinkles.
It is frequently used before going to party.

Lipoic Acid

  • it works by facilitating the penetration of other cosmetic ingredients .
  • rapidly absorbing carrier
  • skin regulator in cases of acne and comedons
  • improves stretch marks

Since 2016

Lipoic Acid is a fatty acid precursor of others fatty acids present in the cell membrane.
Accompanied before other creams , lipoic acid facilitates the penetration of their ingredients with a deep and immediate absorption.
Lipoic acid is then improving the stretch marks. 
Associated with prepeel , it is effective in cases of acné and comedons. The treatment  consists of 2 weeks prepeel and then 2 weeks  lipoic acid. 


  • excellent pre peel for oily skins
  • indicated on case of acné
  • contains 4 alpha hydroxy acids

Since 2014

Main acid is the citric acid which is a triprotic acid and acts as a keratoregulator and also as a moisturizer .
The citric acid cycle allows production and accumulation of energy.
PrePeel speeds the process in contexts where the metabolism is slowed down due to aging (oxidation of regulatory and coding elements of DNA). The epidermis will be regenerated and therefore toned with a gradual attenuation over time of signs related to age. 
Indicated also for common acné.

Les Félins

  • Moisturizing cream,balance in terms of hydration
  • penetrates quickly and never leaves the skin oily 
  • the best moisturizer

Since 2000

  • Les Félins is a cream notable for restoring an appropriate balance in terms of hidration and olfactory sensation.
  • Rehydrate the skin after peelings.
  • Rehydrate the skin after sun exposure..
  • Indicated to rehydrate the skin after unpleasent smell dued to post alcoholic beverage consumation.


  • allows to go on other sessions of peelings if there is any interruption in the protocol
  • after TCA as home treatment
  • after peeling de Luxe

Since 2000

  • Use PostPeel after any acid like TCA or AHA at home as it will improve the restorative phase post peeling.
  • To use immediately after peeling de luxe.
  • Which creams are recommended to use after PostPeel:
                       -lipoic acid cream 
                       -papaya cream.
                       -clarté de lune

Microabrasive Sand Cream

  • Best body peel which can be done at home
  • Remove immediately dead cells from body

Since 2000

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • the best result is obtained when it s followed after the use of lipoic acid,so that the components can act more thoroughly.
  • Apply bestens microabrasive sand cream evening time just before going to bed on whole body.
  • Results: smooth and toned body skin,with very pleasant smell :the skin is clean in depth.
  • Standard protocol: in the evening after shower,apply  lipoic acid cream on dry skin and   on whole body;then apply the microabrasive sand cream. Next morning apply papaya cream.
  • Recommended minimum treatment period is 10 days.

Rose du Désert

  • Cold Cream
  • Skin Thermoregulator
  • Anti inflammatory ( cooling effect)

Since 2000

  • Cold cream, anti inflammatory and thermoregulator
  • In the phase in which it is used there is an attenuation of perspiration.
  • Shortens the time of inflammation,
  • Improves swelling and edema after some treatments like for ex Endopeel.
  • Often used in summer to keep the skin fresh and cold.
  • Often use on intime areas because of its good smell for long duration.

Gradient Cream

  • Anti Aging
  • Indicated for Skins with premature aging
  • Main ingredient is palmitic acid

Since 2018

  • Rapidly absorbed.
  • Participates in protein lipid signaling processes.A large part of the membrane lipids is composed of palmitic acid(around 20% of the total lipid composition).
  • Speeds up all energy processes of signal transport,and has an impact on the regenerative process.
  • A true innovative anti-aging cream,recommended for elderly skin or skin with premature aging.


  • Anti Aging & Depigmentant
  • SunProtector without alcohols.
  • Main ingredient is kojic acid 

Since 2000

  • Ideal for light depigmentation
  • Ideal in case of complications of dermabrasion and other peels like for ex glycolic acid
  • Useful in case of hands spots dued to aging
  • Sunprotector medium SPF ( 35-50)

Do you love to travel?Do you wish to get quickly tanned in whole safety without burning your skin?

In such case use:

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