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neck chemodermabrasion complication

Treatment of complication post chemodermabrasion

treatment of complication post glycolic acid

Treatment of Complication post glycolic acid

We offer 3 sets for depigmentation

Treatment of Complications
post Peelings/Dermabrasions


Set Complications
  • TCA 30% w/w 30 ml

    formula Tenenbaum
  • TCA 18% w/w 30 ml

    formula Tenenbaum
  • TCA 12% w/w 30 ml

    formula Tenenbaum
  • TCA 8% w/w 30 ml

    formula Tenenbaum
  • peeling de luxe 30 g

    frosting stopper
  • stretchpeel 50g

  • lipoic acid cream 50g

  • les félins

  • kosmopeel

    oily moisturizer

Treatment of Pathologic Hyperpigmentations

black box

Set Pathology
  • 1 set complications

    red box
  • 1 set bleaching

    yellow box

Skin Bleaching

yellow box

Set Bleaching
  • fotocosm XS 50 ml

    arbutin-kojic acid
  • fotocosm S 50 ml

    arbutin-kojic acid-tranxenamic acid
  • fotocosm L 50 ml

    arbutin-kojic acid-double concentrations
  • fotocosm XL 50 ml

    arbutin-kojic acid-tranxenamic-double concentrations
  • fotocosm de luxe 50 ml

    azelaic-tranxenamic-mandelic-phytic acids

Tranexamic Acid

See fotocosm XL 50 ml & fotocosm de luexe 50 ml